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Moving with Rosebrock can be so easy.”

Professional office removals

Efficient & stress-free execution of company relocations

A company or office move is a logistical challenge, even if you are only relocating within the same city – such as Bremen. Many companies underestimate the effort involved and think they can easily handle the removal simply by having their employees lend a hand.

This is a misconception, because lack of expertise as well as mistakes in planning quickly cause longer downtimes of your business and thus avoidable costs. With a removal company like Rosebrock, specialized in office removals and their special requirements, this will not happen.

Procedure of an office removal 

To ensure a smooth company removal, everything starts with comprehensive planning. Our relocation consultants are familiar with the various requirements of companies and will discuss the necessary services with you. We also listen to individual wishes.

After we have determined the framework data for the removal (date/location/scope/requested services) with you and you have placed the order with us, the detailed removal planning begins. We take care of setting up no-stopping zones at the move-in and move-out locations, coordinate the use of any necessary service providers (e.g. for IT) and coordinate the logistics for your office removal. 

If temporary storage of office furniture is desired, we can also provide this thanks to our furniture storage in Bremen. Our trained professionals are briefed for the moving day so that every move fits perfect. Your office furniture and equipment will be dismantled in the existing premises, secured for transport and professionally reassembled in the new office space.

Our professional service also includes unpacking your moving boxes and putting them away in cabinets or on shelves. You also do not have to worry about the – often tedious – disposal. We take all moving materials back with us.

FAQ – Questions & Answers about the office removal

  • How is the removal goods insured against damage?

    According to § 451g of the German Commercial Code (HGB), removal companies have basic liability for any damage that occurs. In addition, it is of course possible to take out extra transport insurance, for example, for IT or particularly valuable items. We can also advise you in this regard.

  • How are confidential documents protected during removal?

    Our removal company uses only high quality packing materials. To adequately protect confidential documents, we use sealable confern boxes, which can be locked separately and thus protected from access by unauthorized persons. For the transport of files we can resort to suitable file boxes with hanging registers.

  • How much downtime of the current operation should I expect?

    A professional moving company like Rosebrock has years of experience and works very efficiently so that you can start work at your new location as soon as possible. To keep downtime to a minimum, we are happy to perform the office move over the weekend so that your office is ready to go at the beginning of the new week.