“When I go transferred, Rosebrock organized my move from start to finish. I was able to concentrate on my work and my family was spared the stress of moving”

Staff Removals Bremen

Our professional services will make your staff removals and transfers go as smoothly as possible. This way, your staff won’t have to worry about a thing, and you – as the employer – will be strengthening the bond with your employees.

Services for staff removals

The moving company Rosebrock from Bremen has decades of experience in moving employees all over Germany and offers different services in the process. If desired, we can take over the entire planning, logistics, organization and implementation, so that your staff can concentrate fully on their work.

Our services include: 

  • Comprehensive advice from experienced relocation consultants
  • Individual planning of the move
  • Professional packing service by qualified personnel
  • Coordination with other service providers (for IT, electrical installations, etc.) & authorities
  • Dismantling of furniture & equipment of all kinds
  • Setting up no-stopping zones at the move-in and move-out location
  • Furniture assembly at the new location
  • Unpacking & stowing away of the removal goods
  • Tempered furniture storage for temporary storage
  • Taking away & professional disposal of all moving material

Depending on your requirements, you can book the entire service or only parts of it. Just as you wish, we will provide you with a non-binding offer for your removals  including a transparent cost breakdown. Please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of staff removals

The advantages of staff removals  are that the employees concerned can establish a new social environment, orient themselves in the new city and adapt to the local conditions of the company. If they  also have to actively deal with a move, the stress level can quickly rise. With a professionally organized and executed move, this doesn’t happen.

Your contact person will work with our relocation partners to plan the desired services, so your employees can start their work at the new location without any worries. An employee relocation can also be used as an incentive when recruiting new personnel.

These days, good candidates often have their pick of employers. Offering to take care of employee relocation is a strong selling point that should help you attract new talent.

Q&A – Questions & Answers about staff removals

  • Are there special conditions for staff removals?

    We can also offer special arrangements for companies that have regular staff removals.

  • How much lead time does the moving company need?

    The sooner we know about the planned removal, the easier it is to organize it. If the removal is going to happen on a specific date, it’s best to let us know as early as possible.

  • Is the employer involved in the relocation planning?

    We generally coordinate the removal process with your company’s relevant employees and management, but if you prefer we can communicate with you directly. If so, we would provide you with checklists for your employees in advance, to make sure we’re implementing their wishes during the removal.

  • Do you also offer an office relocation?

    Moving your company and everything in it is something we can help you with. You can contact us by email at umzuege@rosebrock.com if you have any questions.

  • What does a staff removal cost?

    The costs of a staff removal depend on various factors such as the distance between the move-in and move-out location, the volume of the removal goods and the desired services (e.g. packing service, assembly, etc.).

    Therefore, we cannot give you a definitive answer about how much it will cost. If you are interested in finding out, please send us the relevant information and we will give you a non-binding offer.