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What does the relocation services in/to Bremen include?

Are you looking for a professional moving company for your move easy from Bremen, to Bremen or within Bremen? Moving made easy with Rosebrock Umzüge. We offer a competent, personal service and well thought-out relocation planning, thus ensuring a smooth organization and execution of moves within Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. With our relocation calculator and the online relocation offer, you always keep an eye on the relocation costs, we calculate the best possible relocation price and have checklists for you.

Why you need a relocation professional

A move is more than just the transport of furniture. We take care of the complete move consultation and move planning, so that your move will be remembered in the best possible way. Removals, whether near or far, are a logistical challenge and therefore absolutely belong in the hands of an experienced moving professional.

What Rosebrock can offer you

As a certified moving company, we ensure with our qualified specialist staff that all employees can continue working immediately after an office move, regardless of whether you move from one floor to the next, within Bremen or across Germany. On request, we can also carry out your move or office relocation at the weekend or offer you storage in our temperature-controlled furniture warehouse.

Moving can be so easy! Contact our moving consultants in Bremen.

Q&A – Questions & Answers about Bremen moving company

  • Why should I hire a removal company for my removal in Bremen?

    With a removal company for your removal in Bremen, you can sit back and relax and, above all, save your nerves. You won’t have to worry about whether your belongings will be moved safely from the old apartment to the new one, furniture will be set up in the right place, or how you will get bulky items transported through a narrow stairwell.

    While for you a removal is a special event, about which you might even worry a bit beforehand (“will everything work out”, “hopefully my furniture won’t get scratched” etc.), for a professional removal company this represents everyday life. Routine procedures, safe equipment, high-quality packing material as well as an experienced team ensure that your removal goes quickly, stress-free and, above all, safely.

  • Do I have to be present at the removal itself?

    It is not necessary for you to be present on the day of the move. You can give the keys to our moving company in advance, and we will coordinate with you to make sure everything goes smoothly according to your wishes. For example, we will let you know where the furniture should be placed in the new apartment. If you have a floor plan of the new apartment, please mark your desired division of the rooms (e.g. living room, bedroom, study, etc.) and give it to us.

  • Are my moving assets insured by the moving company?

    According to  § 451g HGB movers in Germany are legally liable for any damage that occurs to your belongings during the move. This includes not only transport and loading/unloading, but also our packing service. If, for example, a high-quality vase is broken during unpacking, it will be replaced accordingly. If you choose to pack the boxes yourself, this insurance does not apply.

  • How long does a removal with a removal company take?

    The time it takes to complete a move depends on various factors, such as the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations and the amount of belongings being moved. For example, a move from Bremen to Hamburg for a single household will be quicker than a move for a family of four from Munich to Bremen. 

    Once we have all the relevant information, we will provide you with an accurate estimate of how long the move will take in our offer.

  • Where can I find removal workers for my removal?

    For a removal with a removal company, you do not have to worry about finding removal workers, because this is included in the service portfolio.

    We will provide you with experienced and professional staff so that you know your moving goods are in safe hands.

  • How can I recognize a serious moving company?

    The number of removal companies has increased significantly in recent years. Due to demographic change and globalization, people are moving much more frequently than in the past, so the need for competent removal companies has increased accordingly. In order to find a reliable and reputable provider from the multitude of different companies, we recommend the following four tips: 

    1) Is the removal companies experienced, i.e. have they been active for many years (at least ten)? 

    2) Does the removal companies offer a free preliminary inspection of the apartment? 

    3) Are the services offered by the moving company transparent, for example, is there a volume calculator for my moving goods?

    4) Is the moving company a member of the AMÖ (Bundesverband für Möbelspedition und Logistik e.V.)?

    Rosebrock Umzug meets all these criteria and is your reliable partner for removals in Bremen & surroundings.

  • How do I apply for a no-stopping zone for my removal?

    No-stopping zones to park the van/truck at the move-in and/or move-out location must be applied for in advance at the responsible authority, for example the police in Bremen.

    But beware: A no-stopping zone is not absolutely necessary at every address. Experienced removal companies like Rosebrock Umzug will check the addresses of the old and the new apartment for you in advance and will then inform you whether a no-stopping zone has to be set up or not. If a no-stopping zone is necessary, you do not have to take care of the application yourself. Rosebrock will handle this for you.

  • How much will a removal in Bremen cost me?

    The cost of a removal cannot be quantified as a lump sum. Based on the specific information about the amount of your moving goods, the distance, etc., we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

  • Who will pack my boxes for my removal?

    You can either pack your boxes yourself or use our professional packing and unpacking service, in which case all your goods are insured against damage.

  • Can I claim the hiring of a removal company in Bremen for tax purposes?

    The answer is yes. In Germany, removals are declared as a household-related service and can therefore be deducted in the tax return. For more information, please contact your tax advisor.

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